Dear Heart, I'll Take Better Care Of You...

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Heart disease and stroke is the world's largest killer, claiming 17.5 million lives each year. That's why World Heart Day was created, to create public awareness of risk factors for heart disease and stroke and to promote preventive measures.

There are 155 million overweight and obese children globally. Parents can influence and help children in reducing major risk factors for heart diseases and stroke - such as controlling weight by healthy eating and doing regular physical activity. That is why this year’s World Heart Day focuses on the theme “Team Up for Healthy Hearts”.

Here is my letter promising my heart a good health:

Dear Heart,

You have been so caring and loving towards me. You helped me to feel love. Remember the time; we first saw that cute boy and you skipped a beat. How funny was that! You stayed strong when I felt pain. You kept me going through all these years. No matter how much pain, rejection and hurt you suffered, you kept going on and on. You kept pumping blood throughout my body and kept me alive.

But, what have I done in return? I have eaten too much unhealthy, junk and fast foods. I have not exercise. I have lived a sedentary life causing me to get overweight. My lifestyle factors and choices have heavily affected your health.

I am sorry for all the things that I have done to affect your health. But from this minute on I promise to take good care of your health. I will little steps little steps every day to help you heal and to embrace a fresh, new perspective on heart health

1) Eat Healthy

I promise you that I will eat healthy food. I will quit or give up my addictions. I will limit the intake of junk food and fast food. I will eat healthy heart friendly fruits and vegetables.

2) Lots of Water

I’ll drink lots of water to keep you well hydrated.

3) Regular Exercise

I’ll exercise regularly. I’ll do yoga daily. I’ll promise you that I’ll find ways to stay active. I will walk instead of using vehicles. I will talk stairs instead of elevators or escalators.

4) Create Awareness

Along with taking care of you, I’ll also help spread awareness to others. I’ll ensure access to healthy foods and safe environments for physical activity.

5) Staying Positive

I will always stay positive. I’ll stay away from gloomy thoughts that may affect your health. If for any reason I feel ill, I’ll consult a doctor. I’ll also regularly check my blood pressure, cholesterol levels and other health metrics.

I promise you this.

“I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association with BlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.”





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