DIY Treatment For Beautiful Lips

You’ll Need:

2 tsp Brown sugar
1 tsp of raw Honey
1 tbsp of Lemon
Sweet Almond Oil – for later use

Simply mix the raw honey and brown sugar, stir and mix them to make a paste. You can add more honey if you are not satisfied with the consistency besides, you can store them in the fridge for future use. After you’ve got that nice consistency, go ahead and add a teaspoon of lemon and blend them altogether. Rub the mixture on your lips using gentle circular motion for about a minute and wipe it off with clean towel. After exfoliating, grab your sweet almond oil and apply it on your lips leaving it overnight. Make this as your nightly routine (or every other night) to achieve best results.

The above ingredients works effectively as the sugar serves as a great exfoliant, while honey is often used too thus it promotes exfoliation, moisturizes and helps lightening agents to penetrate deeper while the citric acid found in lemon is the most potent and effective skin bleach to lighten your lips. Almond oil is a penetrating moisturizer and known to have a powerful natural skin lightening ingredients therefore it works well in lightening your lips.