Dear Men, #ShareTheLoad!

In today's world, when you look around there are so many different types of people. Different races, different backgrounds, and also different stories. We live in a world of a diverse group of people. Some would think living in such a diverse world we would form a common ground and maybe unite together to be "equal" but that is far from true. No I'm not talking about the inequality of people based off of race or background, the grouping of sex is the issue here. Gender inequality is amongst us all in any given society. Here I am not referring to gender inequality in the world but instead in our own households.

Household work in India is often undermined as ‘no work’. Husbands usually end up telling their wives that they sit at home the whole day doing nothing. Little do they know that, wives spend their whole day juggling various household, work and family responsibilities. This is not the case of only India but the whole world. When it comes to sharing the house work, it’s the responsibility of the wife only.

Husband is referred to as “The Earner” and a Wife is referred to as “The Homemaker”. But with time, even women have started earning. Women go to work and at the same time take care of all the housework.

Here are some reasons why some men don't do chores:

1. They weren't taught by their parents and are utterly unsure of what to do.

2. They are simply used to scenario where all the men sit back around the table and the women busily work and clean the dishes without being told. These are roles that have related to gender for a long time, for better or worse.

3. They feel they did their part to go out and make money, and the house is a girly form of a job.

Is house work only a woman’s job?

Is it not a man’s job? 

When a husband and wife both are sharing the load of earning money, then they should also share the load in household chores. Equality like charity starts at home. How can equality be started to home?

1) Husbands need to realize that they are equally responsible for the household responsibilities and take part in them. Sharing the load will make you equal partners at home.

2) They can start with something as simple as laundry. They can split the duty of laundry and do it on alternate days.

3) If you feel that the load is too much for the two of you, hire some help.

4) Couples who lend each other a hand at cooking, cleaning and washing, have a healthier and happier love life. They fight less and respect more.

5) If men helped around the house, then wives would have more time for themselves and for their husbands.

So dear husbands, #SharetheLoad because it’s time to break the stereotype and set an example for the future generation. 
I am taking part in the #ShareTheLoad Challenge with Ariel and Akshara at BlogAdda.