Keep Calm and Take Good Care Of Your Heart

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Years ago heart diseases among people were very rare. Strokes and heart attacks were an uncommon thing. Back then, people would work hard in fields and lived healthy lifestyles. They would eat healthy home cooked meals and would walk long distances barefoot.

But look at today’s generation.

People as young as 30 are getting heart attacks. Why? Let’s have a look at our lifestyles.

Junk food is the new cool thing. Everyone is working, no matter if it’s the husband or the wife. After a hectic day at work, no one wants to cook and the family ends up ordering food from the hotel or some fast food joint. Cola drinks are so common. Kids don’t like eating healthy food. They prefer vada pav’s and samosa’s in their tiffins.

To add to this, there is or work lifestyles. 9-12 hrs of daily working plus travelling take away all the energy. People don’t have time to exercise or do anything. During holiday’s instead of going out, our generations prefer to stay at home and watch television or go to watch a new movie in the theatres. Instead of walking we prefer rickshaws even to go to short distances. They prefer using the elevator instead of climbing the stairs.

Our lifestyle may seem cool but slowly it is killing us. This unhealthy lifestyle is bad for our heart. But it’s never too late. We can always change our lifestyle and start taking care of our heart. Here are some tips to be healthy:-

Eat regular meals throughout the day to maintain blood sugar levels. Missing meals, especially breakfast, leads to low blood sugar and this causes low mood, irritability, and fatigue. If you feel hungry between meals you may need to include a healthy snack eg. fruit, nuts, and cereals.

Avoid sugar and sugary drinks, cakes, sweets and puddings. These are loaded with calories but have little nutritional value and may trigger mood swings because of their sugar content.

Maintain a healthy weight. Both excessive weight loss or weight gain can make your mood worse and should be avoided. Weight loss and lack of good nutrition will deprive the brain of glucose and the other nutrients that control mood – you may need the advice of a dietitian to help you overcome this problem.

Exercise regularly. Spend at least half hour every day to do some simple exercises. Yoga can also be very beneficial to one’s health. If you don’t have time for exercising, walk. Walk wherever you want to go. Skip taking vehicles or using the elevator.

Limit the intake of junk food. If you are too tired to cook, have fruits instead of ordering fast food.

Don’t stress out about simple things and let the little things go. Don’t become a workaholic machine. Spend time with your family or enjoy the nature.

Research says that small steps to stay active, healthy and happy can make your heart healthier by 50%. Health is our biggest wealth.

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