The Journey of Motherhood

“The hand of a bride becomes the hand of a mother. Ever so gently she cares for her precious child. Bathing, dressing, feeding, comforting—there is no hand like mothers. Nor does its tender care diminish through the years.” —Thomas S. Monson
The journey of being a mother is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. It is truly said that the beauty of motherhood is incomparable. When I began this journey, I was not sure how it would be. I had watched videos and read in magazines that it is one of the most difficult things in life. I was afraid. I didn’t know what was in store for me for the next 9 months. But, surprisingly, the journey was amazing.

When I came to know that I was going to be a mother for the first time, I didn’t know what to do. I was very happy and confused at the same time. My husband rejoiced when he heard that he is going to be a father. I used to work in an office and I was in two minds, whether to quit or continue working. My husband left the decision on me and told me he would support whatever I decide.

The first few weeks were difficult. I started getting my morning sickness. I had to get up early to catch a train to work. Those living in Mumbai must be aware of how crowded the trains are. I would not get a seat and had to stand most of the times throughout the train journey. The morning sickness made things worse. There was a time when, due to weakness, I fainted.

After, this I decided to quit my job. I wanted to make sure nothing happens to my baby and wanted to give it the best love and treatment. My doctor recommended a diet and my husband made sure I followed it. I bought a handful of pregnancy books and started reading them. I made my husband read them too. I used to do most of the house work myself.

The feeling of food cravings was amazing. I felt like eating all the spicy food. Paani Puri was my jam. My in laws made sure to satisfy my needs. My mother in law would cook whatever I asked her to cook. The baby inside me was growing and so was I. I joined a yoga class.

I became fat and started getting my mood swings. Most of the time, it was my husband who was the victim of my mood swings. But, no matter what, he loved me and took care of me even when I turned into a demon. I used this to my advantage. I took him shopping and bought new saree’s and clothes.

Then, few weeks before the due date, I had my ghod bharai. I received so many gifts which made me cry (hormones). My in laws as well as my parents had made all my favourite dishes. The baby cupboard was stuffed with toys, clothes, etc. I even bought a bassinet. By now, my baby had fuly grown.

Few hours before I went into labour, I ate almost 7-8 plates of paani puri. After almost 3 hours of labor, I met my son. A chubby little baby. Yes, the pain of the labor is very bad, but the joy of holding your bundle of joy is much bigger.

I would like to tell all the future expectant mom’s to not worry or be afraid of this journey but instead enjoy this journey to the fullest. Because, it is wonderful.

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