Ctrl +S with Nature and Kids

Nature is only the word which is responsible for the creation of this world & mankind. Nature has given us everything which is needed for the survival of the living beings on this earth.

But are taking good care of nature? "NO”.

It is our moral duty to preserve this nature. Not only moral duty but also national duty to protect it. Many acts, assignments & projects have been passed but it seems that no one is bothered about it.

People used to cut down trees for building various items from wood. There are also not certain arrangements made for controlling forest fires and due to these the percentage of forests are decreasing.

This all factors lead to global warming and acid rains. According to earlier views of scientists life will be impossible on this planet. Due to global warming the ice of different regions are started melting and are turning into rivers.

Because of this the holes are created in ozone layer due to which the UV (ultra-violet) rays are introduced which can cause great destruction and also causes skin diseases and many other.

Saving the nature is a very important key in life. If we do not protect our home, we will eventually lose it. When we protect nature, we PRESERVE it for generations to come.

We need to take up measures to protect the nature and teach our children to do so too. Here are few ways:

1. Stopping Deforestation and Protecting Flora and Fauna

Protecting nature keeps the Eco-systems in balance. When we cut down the rain forest, less rain falls and the once very green area turns into a desert. Protecting nature keeps the flora (all plants, flowers and trees) from extinction, thereby saving precious earthly resources from dying forever.

2. Taking measures to reduce harmful gases and pollution

Protecting nature means reducing greenhouse gases so as to slow down and eventually prevent GLOBAL WARMING. Global warming, if it continues at the rate it is now growing will be a disaster for the world and life as we know it will not exist. It will be a catastrophe beyond human imagining.

3. Starting from home and teaching our children

We need to begin from our own houses. We should teach to use water and electricity with care and not take advantage of it. When brushing your teeth, remember to turn off the water because you share that with animals, plants, and other people. Teach your kids to appreciate their stuff and end the mindless consumerism. Encourage them to give trash a second change by making crafts out of recyclables. Help kids understand where food comes from and reveal the miracle of life through seeds. Reap the benefits of teaching your kids to garden.

Learning to respect natural resources and appreciate their importance, not only to you but to every other creature, is a lesson that can be extended all through life. The Earth is ours to share, so we want to leave it in good shape for the next users.

Protecting nature means to preserve it out of the respect for the life that lives within in. Remove nature and life is destroyed. We, as a human race, must consider the fact that if we do not preserve nature today, future generations will not be able to enjoy the benefits, the beauty, the wonder, the serenity, and the joy it brings to the hearts of people everywhere.

“I’m blogging about how I’ll remind kids to press Ctrl+S for nature for the Shortcut Safaari weekend activity at BlogAdda.”