5 Multani Mitti Facepacks For Your Skin


Multani Mitti Powder or Fullers Earth is a white powder produced from clay. It has great cleansing properties for both the skin and hair. It is used with other ingredients to make face masks and face packs which give several benefits.

Multan mitti is a highly absorbent clay substance formed by decomposition of volcanic ash. The name multan is believed to have originated from a region in Pakistan (South Asia) named “Multan”. In this region the name mitti means clay or mud. Therefore the name Multani Mitti or clay from Multan.

Fullers earth has quite a number of benefits and uses for various skin types. The most popular use for skin is as a face pack or mask. Face packs are available for dry, oily, acne-prone and normal skin types. Other than face masks, it is also used as a body wash or a paste for the whole body.

It is not good for dry or overly sensitive skin. It may dehydrate your skin due to its high absorbing power. However, you can add almond and milk to reduce any harsh effect on dry skin. Alternatively, you might want to try kaolin clay which is known to be mild.

Oily skin is prone to acne and pimples which are caused by the accumulation of excess oil on the outer skin layer. Multan Mitti face pack can be an amazing remedy for oily acne or pimple-prone skin types. When blended with other natural skin care products, Multani Mitti plays profound role in treating acne, black heads, white heads and blemishes.

Here are 5 amazing face packs that can be made using Multani Mitti

Face Pack 1

1. Take this clay and soak it in water for a period of 1 hour or more so that it becomes soft and dissolved.

2. Once it has become dissolved, you can mix it with other ingredients such as turmeric and sandal and apply this on your face or simply apply Multani Mitti and keep till the time it becomes hard.

3. Wash it away with the Luke warm water and get soft and glowing complexion.

Face Pack 2

1. Take Multani Mitti in a bowl and add rose water.

2. Add few drops of glycerine.

3. Apply it on your face and let it dry.

4. Scrub it off using a sponge.

5. Wash your face with the Luke warm water.

6. Apply moisturizer if needed.

Face Pack 3

1. Take 1 teaspoon of this powder and mix with Ayur Herbal Skin Toner until it forms a paste like batter.

2. Apply on the entire face leaving the area around eyes and lips.

3. Wash off when it dries.

4. After washing, pat dry and then apply Lotus Herbals Fair Gel.

5. Do this procedure daily to get fairness.

Face Pack 4

1. Make a paste of Multani Mitti, few drops of rose water and a pinch of lemon for a refreshing face pack.

2. Multani Mitti draws excess oil off your face and dries the existing pimples.

3. Rose water freshens and moisturizes your skin while lemon juice fades the acne scars.

Face Pack 5

1. In a non-metallic mixing bowl add Multani Mitti, sandalwood powder and besan.

2. To the mixture add rose water and mix further until you achieve a thick paste.

3. Apply this paste on the face and allow it to dry.

4. Wash off once it dries up.

5. Use this face pack weekly and with time your skin will be free of acne scars or blemishes. At the same time it improves your skin tone and gives you a fairer look.